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  All About Resident-to-Resident Violence in Long-Term Care

The Stories – Seeking Solutions

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"Fighting for Dignity"

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This website was started when "Action for Safety" was being sought in response to the February 9, 2013 W5 documentary, Crisis in Care, reported by Sandi Rinaldo and the CTV team of investigators. Horrific statistics and stories of abuse were reported taking place in Long Term Care facilities in Canada. The focus was on residents with dementia killing other residents.

 "In order to avoid future acts of violence, we seek solutions.  Bringing this old story of violence in Long Term Care back to light is an opportunity to implement solutions, such as increased staffing, in a timely manner to assure safety for our most vulnerable."...

"Those participating in making change are working together, assisting one another towards a common goal. Rather than finger-pointing and blaming others, focus on action towards solutions." ...

A team of three dedicated professionals who all belong to the professional LinkedIn group, Gerontology Professionals of Canada, decided to team up to formulate a response to the W5 documentary, Crisis in Care. These three professionals, who are all committed to providing care to older adults and their loved ones, responded very strongly to this unfortunate state of affairs. Eleanor Silverberg, BA, Psych, MSW, RSW drew up the initial draft and asked Angela Gentile, MSW, RSW and Victoria Brewster, MSW for their contributions.  Seeking Action for Safety in Long-Term Care Facilities was completed on February 20, 2013, and was forwarded to the following individuals/organizations (responses added in italics):

  • Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper - Response received (see sidebar)
  • W5, Sandi Rinaldo, the investigative team and the producers
  • Federal Health Minister, the Honourable Leona Aglukkaq
  • Alzheimer Society of Canada, CEO, Mimi Lowi-Young
  • Alzheimer Society of Ontario, CEO, Gale Carey
  • Alzheimer Society of Manitoba, CEO, Sylvia Rothney
  • Federation of Quebec’s Alzheimer Society, CEO, Sandro di Cori
  • Ontario Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, Deb Matthews (response received)
  • Quebec Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr. Réjean Hébert
  • Manitoba Minister of Health, Hon. Theresa Oswald (response received)

The following additional individuals/organizations have also received this information, with a request for support:
  • Canadian Alliance for Long-Term Care
  • Healthy Living, Seniors and Consumer Affairs Minister of Manitoba, Hon. Jim Rondeau - He referred the letter to Manitoba Minister of Health for follow up
  • Minsitere de la santé des Services sociaux

"Do you think it is time for Canada to work on a National Strategy on resident-to-resident abuse in Long Term Care Facilities?  A framework would provide each province with some direction in terms of prevention and management of this devastating and growing problem."...

Please feel free to share, comment below, offer your suggestions or comments on how we can work together to make our Long Term Care facilities safer for our most vulnerable.

Warm regards,

- Angela G. Gentile and Eleanor Silverberg

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